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A Titanic Wreck

July 27, 2012

Thomas Choinacky likes Kate Winslet. A lot.

In Thomas Is Titanic, the solo performer's sweet, self-absorbed show at DC's Capital Fringe Festival, Choinacky shows us the inner workings of an obsessed fan.

Choinacky has an endearing, cute presence on stage. There are also one or two inspired moments, such as when he displays a graph showing the ups and downs of his relationship with the movie star. The graph plummets at the point in their history "together" where Choinacky comes out as being gay.

On the whole though, Thomas Is Titanic is a bit of a wreck. The performer spends too much of his 45-minute production flailing around miming and lip-synching scenes from the film. I guiltily found myself enjoying watching Leo and Kate go at it in screened excerpts from James Cameron's Oscar winning movie more than watching Choinacky interpret their actions.


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