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It's Getting (Sur)real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot

June 15, 2011

Fog and Smog, a San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles-based collective of composers, film editors, producers, designers, DJs, animators, photographers and other culture industry types has come out with a clever rap song about the high-end Wholefoods supermarket chain. The references to hybrid cars, girls in yoga pants, artisanal cheese and komboocha make this the perfect hip-hop anthem for the privileged classes.

It's also right out of the "Stuff White People Like" cannon, Christian Landers' longstanding blog about the cliches of caucasian life in America, which makes the song a little dated in a way.

Yet I love the idea of things "getting real in the Wholefoods parking lot," as the song's recurring mantra goes. It couldn't be more surreal really.

Watch the video here.

Thanks to Greg for forwarding the link.


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