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For And Against Flash Mobs

November 30, 2010

flash.jpegI've received several YouTube links from friends in recent weeks with footage of various "flash mob" performance happenings around the world, from outbreaks of Italian opera by fruit and vegetable vendors in Spanish markets to teenagers performing hip-hop dance routines in Australian train stations.

Seems like flash mobs are all the rage these days. They're a wonderful idea because they create a sense of immediacy, bring art to a wide audience and help to blow the dust of artistic genres that many people tend to associate with musty theatres and high ticket prices.

On the flip side, flash mobs tend to trivialize art and it's very often the case that the surprise/spectacle element far outdoes the artistic quality of the work on display.

On balance though, I'm all for these colorful interventions into everyday life. If nothing else, they serve as a reminder that there is creativity and a sense of humor in every corner.


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