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Nothing In between

September 29, 2010

berk.jpegI was chatting with the executive director of a prominent music ensemble over coffee the other day. Her group often performs concert programs in Berkeley but, unusually, no East Bay performances were scheduled for the ensemble's recent program of concerts.

I asked her why. Her answer surprised me:

"People in Berkeley like old music and new music but nothing in between."

I know that there are lots of early and contemporary music fans in the East Bay. But it seems odd to me that the ensemble, which has an international reputation, couldn't find enough of an audience for a program that features the "in between" repertoire in Berkeley. I'm curious to know if other groups presenting work around the Bay would agree...?

P.S. I, for one, would have gladly made the trip across the Bay to hear the concert as the San Francisco date didn't work with my schedule. And I know from talking to music lovers around here that many San Francisco people prefer attending concerts in Berkeley venues than in San Francisco because they like the venues better.


  • Next questions I would have asked, and maybe you did: "what do you mean by in-between? what do you mean by new?" "New music" starts at 1900 for some people. Did he mean 21st c. music or Cage or Carter or...?

    For that matter, what did he mean by "old"? Before 1800? or before 1400?

    By Blogger Lisa Hirsch, At September 29, 2010 at 2:42 PM  

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