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Hooray for the On-Demand Music Player

April 1, 2010

23.jpgOne of the most frustrating things about hosting a radio show which airs from 10 - 11 pm on a Friday night is that you get a lot of disgruntled would-be listeners writing to you to let you know that they'd love to tune in -- if only the show weren't happening at such an awkward time during the week. I've been getting several requests a week from people asking about whether it's possible to hear the show after the fact

I am now happy to report that the public radio station which broadcasts VoiceBox has at last created a "Local Musical Player" for its website which allows listeners to hear the most recent VoiceBox and other KALW programming after the air date. Music rights and restrictions do not allow the station to archive shows for an indefinite period of time, but at least VoiceBox fans can catch each episode for an entire week after it airs. Click here to find the player online.

Happy listening!


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