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On Being Accosted At The End Of A Play

August 29, 2008

Every now and again, a director, producer or cast member of a theatre production which I am reviewing will accost me as I'm exiting the theatre after seeing the show to ask me what I thought of it. This is a tricky situation. Even if I enjoyed myself immensely, it's hard to formulate a response instantly. And if I didn't have a great time, it's even harder to say it straight out to someone who's been working so hard to get the show up and running.

I suppose the easiest way to nip the issue in the bud is to use the stock answer: "You can read all about it when my review comes out next week." But this somehow seems a bit smug. Also, frankly, I never remember to use it when I'm caught on the spot.

The other day, a director not only asked me what I thought of the show as I was making my exit, but also added -- when he didn't quite catch my noncommittal answer to his question -- "Oh good, it'll be great to get a plug this late in the run.


  • Well Queenie,

    I will not come near you when you review my play. I wouldn't dare. And those who do are fools.

    But I will hide behind the curtain during the show and watch your every breath for clues. And I will listen to my spies as to their take on your mood as you left the theater. And I will count the seconds, with bated breath, as I wait for your carefully chosen words of wisdom, in anticipation of your Grand Yes.

    And if you do not like my work, which is me, I will be desperately determined to please you, and second guess my every decision in anticipation of your acceptance of me, which is my work, into your Grand Yes club some day. I will not be able to die until you like me.

    And when you do like me, I will mistrust your view, and wonder why you couldn't see me for the fake I am.

    Either way, I lose. I suppose we both lose. And I guess that makes us both fools.

    Fare thee well,

    Mr. Stick

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At August 30, 2008 at 7:36 PM  

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