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Rotating Skyscrapers

June 27, 2008

An inspiring architectural news item caught my eye today. Architect David Fisher unveiled plans for the world's first rotating skyscraper. 70- and 80-storey buildings are in the planning stages of being built in Moscow and Dubai respectively.

What's really exciting about these buildings is the combination of sublime aesthetics and energy savings. The skyscrapers will be powered by the sun and wind and continuously change shape as each floor rotates around a central axis driven by wind turbines, one between each floor.

A demo video clip attached to the story in the UK's Guardian provides an idea of just how sleek, aerodynamic and unique these buildings will be. And imagine the views!

The only thing that worries me about the project is the kitsch factor. In the video, Fisher uses a pretty cheese catchphrase to describe his concept: "designed by time, shaped by life." And I wonder if people might be put off by the idea of living in a Vegas-style rotating restaurant?


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