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Bluetooth Headsets are a Singer's Best Friend

May 30, 2008

The sight of people walking down the street yakking into cellphones via wireless headsets used to unnerve me. If it wasn't bad enough that they were talking loudly and not paying attention to their immediate environment, the fact that they appeared to be talking to themselves owing to the absence of a phone clamped to their ears made their behavior seem all the more freakish.

So many people use wireless headsets these days that the "she's not deranged, she's just talking on her cellphone" phenomenon has become commonplace. And I'm happy to report that ever since I started taking singing lessons, I've found a way to turn the public's gradual acceptance of the wireless racket to my advantage.

Whenever I walk down a street, I take the opportunity to practice my scales, arpeggios and songs. If I sing quietly enough, I just look like someone talking via a Bluetooth headset. A great way to squeeze in a bit of vocal practice without worrying that whether I look like a weirdo, it's an ingenious ruse.

On another note, I'm skipping town for a conference in North Carolina on Sunday and may not have time to blog until I return to the office at the end of next week. Needless to say, I'll be leaving my wireless headset at home.


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