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Going Going Gone

April 22, 2008

Today I was approached by a local theatre company asking if I'd help with its upcoming fundraiser. The company is planning on auctioning off an evening at the theatre...with me. The idea is that I will go to see a play with three of the highest bidders and then the four of us will head out for post-show drinks to discuss what just transpired on stage.

I must admit that I'm very flattered to have been asked to do this and it sounds like a fun way to spend an evening. But I'm a little flummoxed by the proposal. For who in their right mind would part with their hard-earned cash for the chance to spend an evening at the theatre with the critic of an alternative weekly in San Francisco? It's hard enough on occasion to get friends to join me to see shows for free. Still, I'm game, though I doubt I'll start a bidding war.


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