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Off To The East Coast

April 23, 2008

I'll be gone for five days and may not have the opportunity to post. Back at my desk on Tuesday morning.

I leave you with a lovely quote from playwright Paula Vogel:

What is impossible to do in the theater that actually film and television cannot do? Yes, they can do special effects. But how, for example, in the theater, on a very small budget—or not that small a budget—would you be able as an adult to pick up yourself as a child and hold yourself in your own arms? Can you do that? In the theater you can. Is that real? No. It's impossible. And that's exactly where theater should be heading for. And whenever I think we try to mimic what film and television do, we're in trouble; we're not embracing and accepting the magical, the transformative, the ritual and the impossible—which basically is our charge as theatrical artists.


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