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Even Superheroes Darn Their Socks

April 3, 2008

The brilliant San Francisco-based comic book creator, Jon Adams, has been publishing tales about the quotidian lives of superheroes since 2000. Having garnered two Eisner nominations for his books (the comic book industry equivalent of the Oscars), a rocketing fan-base and appearances in publications like McSweeneys, Adams has now launched his Truth Serum comic strip as a weekly series online.

Adams' superheroes aren't like regular defenders of the universe. They may wear capes and masks, but you're more likely to find them hanging about on street corners discussing girls or darning holes in their hose than dashing off to do heroic deeds. The down-to-earth humor of Adams' superhero-next-door scenarios coupled with the delicate intricacy and precision of his drawings makes Truth Serum an utterly captivating read.

Adams now seems to be reaching a mainstream audience. Check out this article about Truth Serum in the Wall Street Journal.


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