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February 13, 2008

The San Francisco Bay Guardian has been running its Goldie Awards honoring the achievements of local artists for many years. SF Weekly has been slower off the mark vis-a-vis celebrating Bay Area culture-makers. But its Masterminds program, though not as well-established, may trump The Goldies in at least one important way: with every prize comes a sizeable amount of hard cash -- $2,500 to be precise.

The Masterminds program has been set up to highlight cutting edge work being done right now in the Bay Area. Any artists demonstrating commitment and a pioneering spirit
to their craft are potential Masterminds. A grant committee selected by SF
Weekly’s editorial staff will select the winners.

Artists working in the following categories are eligible to apply:
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Film/Video/Media Art
Literary Arts

To apply for a Mastermind grant, artists should send a cover letter, full contact info (name, address, phone number and e-mail address), slides/DVD/CD-ROM, press kit and/or Web
site where works can be viewed. Samples of works will not be returned. The submission deadline is currently February 27th, but I've just been informed that there may be an extension.

Applications must be sent to:
SF Weekly
C/O Will Harper
185 Berry St. Suite 3800
San Francisco, CA 94107

Selected nominees will be featured in SF Weekly's Listen Up issue as well as the publication's Artopia event.


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