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The Great Theatre Book Giveaway

June 11, 2007

Calling all performance-oriented organizations:

Limelight Books is looking to donate a large portion of its inventory. The Bay Area's specialist film and theatre bookstore is, according to a press release, "trimming down" its current stock of film and theatre-related books. The reason? "We are moving out of one of our storage facilities and will be cutting down on our non-script & playbook stock to make room."

Limelight is looking to partner with an organization that fits the following criteria (though the inclusion of private schools and "other related business(es)" makes me think that the organization may be willing to expand its requirements beyond just the non-profit world):

1) has transportation to the bookstore's office (in Oroville, CA) to pick up the books (a truck would be fine, or a large carload or two.)
2) is a bona-fide non-profit (or public or private school) and able to provide a legitimate receipt for the books it receives for tax purposes.
3) is involved in the promotion of theatre and film studies and entertainment, either as an educational institute or theatre company or other related business.

Limelight hopes that the donated books "will be used by [the recipient] organization to help in the education of more readers about the rich history of theatre and film studies."

I've emailed proprietor Joel Enos to try to find out the titles of some of the most intriguing books that are going to be available to interested parties. If and when I find out more, I'll post the information on this blog. The press release says that Limelight is looking to make its donation this month and asks prospective donees to call 415 864-2235 or email to set up an appointment.



  • Chloe,

    Coincidentally, some west coast bloggers are helping raise money for a Queens middle school theater library.

    Might there be a connection here?

    By Blogger Mark, At June 12, 2007 at 7:33 AM  

  • Mark
    Thanks for sending your link. I think there's a definite possibility of a connection. Limelight needs to know about this middle school, methinks. I'm not sure if the company is only looking to donate to Bay Area non-profits, but if it isn't I'm sure the owner would love to hear about this school in Queens. In any case, it looks like the school has reached its target of raising $511 -- thanks, I'm sure, to the efforts of you and your co-theatre bloggers.

    By Blogger Chloe Veltman, At June 12, 2007 at 8:20 AM  

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