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Truth Serum

April 23, 2007

Someday, this blog and the website that surrounds it, are going to be worth a lot of money. Not necessarily because of the content per se (though that would be nice) but because of the design.

My friend Jon Adams, who's responsible for the design and layout of this portal, has just been nominated for two Eisner Awards -- the comic book industry's Oscars. Jon's book Truth Serum, which was released last year, has been nominated in both the Best Graphic Album Reprint and Best Humor Publication categories.

Jon never ceases to astound me. By day, he works as a graphic designer for Loud Dog, a San Francisco-based web design firm in North Beach. By night, he creates anarchic worlds of dystopian disrepute in comic book form. The scary and hilarious thing about Jon's version of anarchy though, is that it lacks glamor. The "super" heroes that people his tales all have thinning pates and paunches. They are heroes for a planet beyond rescue.

Jon's just completed his second Truth Serum Book, Truth Serum: The Lonely Parade. And all this while volunteering one morning a week at 826 Valencia, where he lends his wry pen to illustrating stories written by kids from local schools.

Some little-known facts about Jon:

1. He's obsessed with the number 3.
2. He used to keep a blog entitled Midnight Sausage about one of his ex-roommates.
3. His favorite drink is Mike's Hard Lemonade.



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