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On Being Ahead Of The Curve

February 22, 2007

The Guardian has published Charles McNulty's article about American actors and British actors (see my blog posting of a couple of days ago.)

The deputy arts editor emailed me to thank me for being "ahead of the curve" by notifying him about the piece. It was sweet of him to write to let me know the news, though it wasn't what I had hoped for.

I had written to him in the first place telling him that McNulty's piece echoes the very popular and exceedingly tired idea that American actors are inferior to their British counterparts. I wholly disagree with this opinion and had emailed The Guardian about writing a response to McNulty's piece arguing the opposite point of view.

Turns out The Guardian is more interested in propagating the status quo. I suppose it's always cheaper to republish an existing article than commission a new one. And one can't blame the UK media for wanting to spread the word that Olivier's lineage is alive and well.

I guess I'll have to pitch the story to some other publication that understands the meaning of being "ahead of the curve."



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