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Bringing 2D Back to Disney

February 9, 2007

I was gladdened by the news that Disney would be reinvesting once again in two-dimensional, (hand-drawn) animation. The rise of computer (or 3D) animation over the last decade has destroyed large-scale 2D production in this country (and elsewhere). But 3D animation isn't superior to 2D. It's not even cheaper to produce 3D films. It's just a different style. Now that the industry's infatuation with pixels is over, we can start seeing beautiful hand-drawn films coming out of Disney again.

There's a completely different quality to these films. They can be exceedingly painterly. They also can have a grittier quality than the generally more glossy-looking computer films. Disney was founded on 2D animation. I'm glad that John Lasseter, who's background is with Disney despite making a name for himself as the creative head of Pixar (the computer animation studio is now part of the Disney empire), has so much love and respect for hand-drawn films.

Lasseter is first and foremost a good storyteller. With a strong foundation in narrative, the new wave of 2D movies will have the potential to succeed as much as 3D films.

Animated films are, at least as produced by the major studios, family affairs. While 2D films have in the past focused strictly on the children's market, the thing I've liked most about Pixar movies in the past has been their ability to cater to both kids and adults. The stories and characters can be followed by anyone, but Pixar's script writers also slide in smart commentary and jokes that appeal to adults. It is this that keeps the films fresh and interesting, I think.

What I'd like to see is 2D films made along the same lines. In other words, I don't want the new wave of 2D movies to be simply cute fodder for children. I want to see these films appeal to adults too.



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