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Lunch with Molly

January 5, 2007

Today I went to lunch with SF Weekly’s new theatre critic, Molly Rhodes. She works at The Magic Theatre and is working on a play about the spotted owl. It’s an environmental issues drama, which explores the business of saving endangered species as being broader than “aw, we should help the furry, cuddly creatures” and “aren’t they cute?” Molly is a sharp writer and we’re lucky at SF Weekly to have her on board.

Two other positive things about her: she likes hats (she buys them in New York from a store in the East Village just like me) and public transport (she joined BART’s pilot program aimed at testing the new top-up payment system and got all excited at the prospect of taking the 43 bus to come and meet me at Magnolia Pub & Brewery.) We didn’t talk about the arts all that much.



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